Dene Summerhouse, Central Park Wedding Ceremony

Have you seen how beautiful Dene Summerhouse is? Dene Summerhouse is a breathtakingly beautiful landscaped meadow found on the east side of Central Park. If you ever wanted a place that will offer you secluded privacy and the intimate wedding of your dreams, Dene Summerhouse might be what you were looking for.

It is easy finding the spot of your choice for your wedding ceremony in New York City, especially if you choose to contact Wedding Packages NYC. You can get married almost anywhere and have the best time of your life, but Dene Summerhouse is just naturally a very special place. It might be a lot less known than Brooklyn Bridge, but thanks to its rustic style and quiet, natural environment, it is becoming one of the most popular choices among new couples who want to get married in New York City.

Central Park is very beautiful and comes with great offerings for wedding locales, Dene Summerhouse is the perfect example. It is simply the best of both worlds, you have green and nature around you, the lake and the trees, but you also get to have a view of the iconic New York skyline in the background.

It is becoming a rather common thing today – having an untraditional wedding. More and more couples nowadays decide to have a simple, intimate and affordable wedding. Not many actually like to go over the top and pick a luxurious destination that will most likely drain their pockets. Couples today want to have the freedom to rent locations of their own choices, they wish to have a minister of their choice too, so why would it not be possible to do? Thanks to Veronica Moya and her Wedding Packages NYC team, anyone can have the wedding ceremony they always wished for. This team of wedding professionals will ensure you do not have to bother yourself with all of the paperwork and requirements for your wedding, they will help you out the best they can and let you enjoy the most important day of your life, completely worry-free.

This Russian couple actually lives in Brooklyn and they decided to have their wedding ceremony right at Dene Summerhouse. To them, it looked like the perfect destination for their wedding as it offered all they wished to have. Just like most couples today, they too decided to have a small, intimate wedding that focused on their unconditional love more than on anything else.

For a very affordable price, they booked the Silver Wedding Package from Wedding Packages NYC and had a wedding ceremony of their dreams in no time. Veronica Moya, the founder of Wedding Packages NYC made sure they had everything they needed in order to get happily married, and of course, she succeeded!

The Silver Wedding Package is one of the most popular packages found on the Wedding Packages NYC website. Very affordable and professionally organized, this package will ensure that the couple and their guests always feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed throughout the ceremony. Thanks to Veronica Moya and her Wedding Packages NYC team, this lovely Russian couple really did manage to make their dreams come true!

Of course, nothing would be complete if there were no rose petals bags given to every single guest at the wedding. The guests used their rose petals to throw them at the end of the ceremony and it was a beautiful experience everyone will remember for life.

Wedding Packages NYC can be a lifesaver for those who are not knowledgeable about wedding ceremonies or people who simply wish to have the hassle-free wedding of their dreams. Booking a wedding ceremony with Wedding Packages NYC will ensure you have a photographer, a wedding assistant, wedding coordinator, officiant and flowers for the couple. This lovely bride and her groom had a bouquet and a matching boutonniere for their wedding, it looked flawless!

The bride and her groom could not stop smiling throughout the entire ceremony, everyone was stunned by the beauty of the bride’s dress and the way the groom was looking at her. Their unconditional love managed to spread all over the Dene Summerhouse and it was certainly something they will talk about a lot throughout their life in the future.

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