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A note from the Owner:

Veronica Moya – Wedding Officiant

I personally guarantee a personalized service and a level of dedication that you won’t find anywhere else.

Over the years I've gained a wealth of knowledge and an impressive database of the most reliable and outstanding Wedding Professionals in New York City. Today I am happy to call them "My Team."

My aim is to simplify the experience of one of the most important days of your life; my mission is to provide an exceptional service with nothing less than the best.

Acquiring my services will guarantee you peace of mind in knowing that "every little detail" is taken care of on your wedding day.

Whether you hire us for your wedding or your proposal, I will personally work with you on every aspect of the process.

I want nothing more than to make this the most Magical day of your life.

We always welcome your questions:
NY office: 917-300-3034
UK office: 44 7596 109002
Our Chapel: 161 W 75th St., New York, NY 10023