How Couples From The UK Get Married In NYC

New York City is rapidly becoming one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples who come from abroad.

Wedding Packages NYC has married over 600 couples from the UK and Australia. We make this process super easy for you!

As soon as you place an order with us, we will contact you, and give you a VERY detailed run down of your wedding day, will put your mind at ease, answer absolutely every question you may have, and we will also secure an appointment for you to get your marriage license. Don’t worry, we take care of everything and make it super easy for you.

Good to know:

  • All you need to be legally married in NYC is to show your passport to the City Clerk officer
  • We will sort out all the paperwork and schedule your appointment with the Clerk for you to obtain your license.
  • The US Government will mail you your Wedding Certificate back home. You will receive it in the mail within 3 weeks from your wedding day.
  • You don’t need an extended certificate or an apostille for your marriage to be legal and recognized in the UK.
  • Each package that we offer features different services, please take your time to read the descriptions before you book.
  • You can create an all-inclusive package that fits your budget, and your needs starting with “Just the Ceremony” and adding additional services a la cart.
  • There are many picturesque and romantic places to have your wedding in New York City. You are free to change locations and go to as many places as you want during your hour of photography.

The whole process of getting married in New York does require a couple of basic things you should know about:

Proper identification for a Marriage license must be valid and not expired. If it is expired, the identification cannot be accepted. In most cases, it is best to just bring your passport. It’s fair to assume that you will have your passport with you, if you are traveling from the UK. A passport is all you need to obtain a marriage license.

How to obtain a marriage license?

You will not believe how easy it actually is! Once you are ready to get married and you wish to speed up the whole process, fill out the application for a ‘’Marriage License’’. This application can be filled out at the City Clerk’s website of the City of New York. This entire process will take only 10 minutes of your time and it has a fee of $35 (you can pay by credit card). Upon filling out the application, you will receive a 5 digit confirmation code via email.

After you have your confirmation code, you and your spouse have to go to the City Clerk’s office to pick up your Marriage license. Now, because of Covid, they are asking you to make an appointment before you come in. Appointments are super easy to make. You can go HERE and choose the Manhattan office.

If either of you has been divorced:

Divorce papers are necessary for all couples who have had prior marriages. If this is the case with one of you, please make sure to include your previous spouse’s full name, the date when you got divorced and the location where it was issued. Any annulments, dissolutions and divorces have to be finalized before you apply and get your new Marriage License.

If your spouse is deceased, you will have to provide his/her full name and the date on which the death occurred.

How long will the marriage license be valid for?

The New York Marriage License will be valid for the following 60 days. This means you must conduct your wedding ceremony within these 60 days. However, you must wait 24 hours after getting your marriage license. This means you cannot get married the same day that you obtained your marriage license. While you can have your long-wished for wedding ceremony right away, you cannot sign the license in the first 24 hours, but only after an entire day has passed.

Wedding Day Requirements and Information

After you have scheduled your wedding day, make sure you bring the marriage license. This marriage license must be signed before the officiant and the witness. You only need one witness, but there is room for 2 witnesses. Wedding Packages NYC will take care of filing the paperwork for you, and you will get your Wedding Certificate mailed to your home within 4 weeks.

In case you cannot wait 4 weeks, or you are in a rush to receive your Marriage Certificate, you can always go to the City Clerk’s office with your signed license and hand it in. You will obtain your wedding certificate right away and without any hassle at all. You do not need an Apostille, or an extended certificate if you are from the UK. Our regular wedding certificate is valid and accepted by the UK Government.

Of course! Your marriage will be legal in the UK right away. You have nothing to worry about, do not let false information on the internet change your mind. We have married thousands of couples from England, and we know for a fact that you DO NOT need an extended certificate or an apostille to validate your marriage in the United Kingdom.

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