Church Wedding In New York City

Everyone knows the importance of organizing a perfect wedding, after all, it is the day we are meant to remember forever. Planning a wedding in New York City can get rather tricky at times, but if you know where to look for help, it should never be something to worry about. If you want to get married and have the freedom to rent a church of your choice, even have a minister of your choice – it is possible! Thanks to great organization, a flawless team and a lot of love in the air, this couple’s wedding was really something to remember for life!

This couple, just like many others out there, decided to have a small and very simple wedding. Knowing they are not really religious, they still decided to have their lovely ceremony in a traditional place where they focused on love and their commitment more than anything else. All Souls Church is a place this lovely couple has chosen for their small and intimate wedding. While the main church was closed due to renovation, they still decided to go with their idea and had a cozy wedding to remember in the chapel itself. It is very spacy and had enough seats for 40 people to sit comfortably – a perfect pick for a small wedding.

All Souls Church provided the bride with a large, beautifully furnished room for her to get ready and have some privacy on her own before the biggest moment of her life occurred.

The couple themselves is from Puerto Rico, the mother wished for them to have a church wedding and since they live only a few blocks away from All Souls Church, they managed to have it happen right there. Their wedding was simple, intimate and very beautiful overall.

This lovely young couple decided to get some help with their wedding planning and found their personal wedding consultant. Wedding Packages NYC handled all of their paperwork, logistics, and planning. Thanks to their affordable elopement packages and great wedding planning services, the bride and her groom were able to relax and sit back worry-free about the wedding planning and all of the paperwork that is usually required.

Wedding planning is not an easy job, it takes a lot of creativity, organization, and paperwork to have it all properly done. Which is why many couples nowadays decide to go for all-inclusive wedding packages in order to experience their perfect New York Wedding. Of course, without the famous Manhattan price tag you usually get to see.

There are many elopement wedding packages couples can pick from. Wedding on a Private Yacht, Church Wedding Package, Rooftop Wedding in Times Square, Old Fashion Wedding, Private and Intimate Wedding, and more. This couple picked a Church Wedding Package and they loved it, everyone loved it!

While Wedding Packages NYC usually offers bouquet & boutonnière in the Church Wedding Package, the bride still decided to take care of the decorations herself, together with her bridesmaids. Even her mother made a bouquet on her own!

The groom was stunned by the beauty of his bride as soon as she entered the Church with her father. The smiles on everyone’s faces were priceless, a true gift of love. Being together 10 years and only then getting married, can really make it all seem a lot more special than we think. This couple picked a traditional Church Wedding In New York City and it was everything they had planned it to be. Their wedding included family members, friends, music, and everyone willing to support their unconditional love one for another.

It was all perfect and everyone was proud to see them this happy. Everyone took pictures and made sure the moments were never forgotten afterward. The two love birds made the right decision having their wedding in a traditional place such as All Souls Church. It was the perfect way to show their family members they still do care for tradition, even though they do not consider themselves very religious.

Veronica Moya is the proud founder of Weddings Packages NYC, but she is also the person who officiated the entire ceremony herself, since the lovely couple requested a Spanish speaking minister. The whole ceremony itself was very simple, non-religious and it was only about their pure love and commitment. It is not easy finding someone as experienced and organized as Veronica Moya and her Weddings Packages NYC team.

It does not have to be extremely expensive to be perfect, it does not have to be anything out of the ordinary or anything you would consider ‘’fancy’’ at all. Young people today realize this themselves, they look for ways to make their weddings affordable and memorable instead of making them too exclusive and expensive.

A lot of New York City couples decide to have their ceremony organized by with Veronica Moya and her team at Weddings Packages NYC. Today, people look for ways to simplify things, make things less stressful and actually enjoy the period running up to their wedding. Weddings are not supposed to be something we remember as being very difficult or complicated, we want weddings to be all about happiness, love, and support. Veronica and her elopement company know how important weddings are to couples. They will do their best to personally understand their clients and come up with the wedding of their dreams in no time.

It is all much easier when there are no things to worry about, since wedding preparations can be very stressful. Thanks to Weddings Packages NYC, everyone can have the simple and hassle-free wedding they always dreamed of. It is often couples find it hard to rent a church if they are not a member of the congregation. Luckily, with Weddings Packages NYC that will never be a problem. Weddings Packages NYC ensures you can rent a church of your choice, have a minister of your choice and even include having your own friend officiate your wedding.

Not many enjoy year-long planning and expenses when it comes to their wedding, so why not make it easier for both of you? To make things even better, Weddings Packages NYC also provided the couple with rose petals. Every single guest received a bag filled with rose petals to throw at the end of the ceremony.

Veronica Moya and her team at Weddings Packages NYC will always make sure their clients are happy with the outcome. They have many years of experience in the field and will continue to make weddings enjoyable, romantic and as fun as they are meant to be – all about love.

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