Terms of Service

Wedding Packages NYC Terms and Conditions

Wedding Packages NYC will provide all the services purchased and agreed upon in the booking form.

Wedding Packages NYC agrees to give the Client unlimited consulting sessions in which they will discuss the client’s overall wedding plans, schedule, location, vendors and more.  All advice given by Wedding Packages NYC is to be regarded as wedding planning services and it is paid for at the time of booking. The client is responsible for reaching out to the Provider with any questions or concerns.

Payment Clause: Payments made by the Couple to Wedding Packages NYC are non-refundable. This policy applies to any and all circumstances, including and not limited to wedding cancelations due to change of plans, breakups, deaths, natural disasters, acts of God, or weather conditions.

Full payment for all services is due 20 days prior to the Event. If the event is less than 20 days away, full payment is required at the time of booking. Late payments are considered bridge of contract, and are subject to 10% late fee. The event will be cancelled if the full payment is not received 5 days prior to the wedding day.

There are no downgrades on any Package and there are no refunds for services hired.

Wedding Packages NYC will not coordinate any music, decorations, food, or any vendors that were not hired through Wedding Packages NYC.

Because Wedding Packages NYC provides a service-based product, no monetary refunds will be provided once work for the Client has started. The Client reserves the right to cancel the wedding at any time without a refund.

Timeline: The services described in the booking form will begin the day the booking is placed. The Provider will secure the wedding venue, and the wedding team for the couple.

Provider will be as efficient as possible as stated in the Communication Guidelines below. The Couple will do their best to also be efficient if the Provider needs clarity along the way.

Communication Guidelines: After receiving the booking from the Couple, Wedding Packages NYC starts to work on the wedding preparation. A “Wedding Coordinator “will be assigned to the couple. The coordinator will email the couple within 24 hours to provide a detailed description of the services purchased, along with an overlook of the wedding day.

If the Couple needs to reach the Planner by telephone, they may do so. Wedding Packages NYC is always available to answer any questions or concerns from the couple. To make communication efficient, the client is required to start every message with their last name and Wedding Date as a subject matter. Texts messages are not an appropriate form of communication between the parties. Email is always preferred.

Confidentiality: The couple allows the provider to post some images of their wedding day in their social media, or on their website.
The Provider will use reasonable care to protect all confidential information.

Adjustment Clause: The client may make adjustments to the confidentiality clause so long as it is done in writing, and it’s received and acknowledge by Wedding Packages NYC.  It is the Client’s responsibility to ask for clarification regarding any verbiage in this document if they are unsure of meaning.