Wedding Reception Dinner in New York City

New York City has thousands of restaurants. The city caters to absolutely every taste, every ethnicity, and every budget, from pizza joints and bistros, to truly extravagant four-star service. Many restaurants in Manhattan cater to private parties and many have rooms designated for such events. My advice is to ask yourself “What is important to you?”

Are you looking for ambiance or family-style dining?

Do you want upscale privacy, uptown elegance, or downtown edge?

Once you have figured out what you want and what you are not willing to compromise on, then you are ready to start doing a search for the restaurant of your choice.

Do a Google search by filling in exactly what elements you are looking for, and you will get the restaurants that meet your criteria.

For instance: “Family style restaurants + Midtown  Manhattan,” “Michelin star restaurants + NYC,”  “Vegan restaurants + Manhattan,” “Restaurants with outdoor space,” or “Rooftop restaurants + New York City.” You can also search for a specific kind of food.

As I said, New York City has absolutely every type of restaurant and cuisine that you can think of. You can do a search for Italian food, Mexican, Mediterranean, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish—you get my point.

Once you get some choices, go to each restaurant’s website and view their photos and menus. They all have a contact page. If you’re in town, drop in to get a feel for the vibe. If you can’t visit, give them a call to see how accommodating they are, and if it feels like a place where you would want to have your celebration.

Don’t forget to read the reviews. I believe the personality of the restaurant and their customer service are as important as the quality of their food. This is why you must have that conversation with the restaurant manager in advance and make that connection before you book. You should get a sense if you will be rushed during your meal, or if they will be hospitable and understanding of your needs.

This is a very personal decision and you have all the tools to make it on your own. What could be amazing for one person, could very well be considered awful by another.

Here are 5 options that I personally recommend. All of these venues provide a private room and they are located within a block of Central Park, making them the ideal places to go after your Central Park Wedding:

Beautiful Restaurants in Midtown:

The Red Eye Grill is located only 2 blocks from the iconic and coveted Cop Cot. This restaurants offers a private room on the second floor, overlooking 7th Ave. You can have your own private party, play your own music, and event have your very own bar. This room is ideal for parties of 40 people. They are friendly and very accommodating. All our couples love it here!

Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant is a wonderful place for your Wedidng dinner or brunch. Amazing view of Central Park, the Plaza Hotel & 5th Avenue. It doesn’t get better than that! This restaurant also provides a private room where you can have your wedding dinner. For more information on prices and availability please contact them directly at: Bergdorf Goodman NYC

Rainbow Room Private Dining: If you are planning to have your ceremony at our Fabulous 620 Loft & Garden, may we suggest having you wedding lunch, brunch or dinner at their very exclusive and private dinning room located on Top of the Rockefeller Center building. The room accommodates up to 12 people. You can see samples of their menu by clicking here: Private Room Menu

Moderate Restaurants

Cafe Arte: This is my most favorite place to eat! They are super sweet, very good hospitality, the food is great, and their prices are amazing! Cafe Arte is located only a block away from Central Park and it’s right by most of our popular wedding spots, such as Ladies Pavilion, Wagner Cove, Bethesda Terrace & Bow Bridge. They also offer a private room and an outdoor patio area. For bookings you can visit them directly at: Cafe Arte ask for Mark.

Tavern on the Green: The Tavern is a New York City Classic! This beautiful restaurant is located right inside of Central Park. Entrance on 68th St & Central Park West. You can arrive by horse & Carriage ride and enjoy the feel of Old New York. They have American food, their menu is pretty eclectic and they have something for everybody. They also have private rooms for larger parties, and they can also accommodate your wedding party in a special corner of the restaurant. There is also outdoor seating during the warmer months.  You can contact them directly for more information: Tavern on the Green Special Events

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