Wear something warm for your winter wedding

Christmas and winter are just around the corner and if you want to have your wedding during this magical time in New York City, you can do it without any worries. New York is amazing in the winter, especially if it snows. So, for example, Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Day are very special dates that couples like to choose to have their wedding at. This is one hundred percent possible, we work 365 days a year. But if this is the case, or if you are dong your wedding anywhere between October and March in NYC, I beg you, especially to couples coming from warm countries, to dress appropriately. Dress warmly, and don’t come in short sleeves, because the New York cold can be very harsh.

For most couples, their marriage ceremony is the first moment of the rest of their lives together. It is an indescribable moment; you cannot duplicate what you feel. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable for your ceremony, avoiding any type of discomfort that I assure you, you will feel if you do not bring a coat. You can wear a dress with short sleeves, yes, but it is not a good idea if you do not bring a good coat to wear over it. If you are worried about photos, you can take it off for them, but don’t think you can get through a winter wedding without a coat, because it’s not possible. 

All of this applies if you are having your ceremony outside. Alternatively, you can look at our indoor weddings. Central Park also has covered locations, such as Ladies Pavilion – Wedding Packages NYC or Wagner Cove – Wedding Packages NYC. But if you plan to get married in other locations in the park, at the Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, or Rockefeller Centre, where the Christmas tree is, I implore you to dress warmly. Long-sleeved dresses are beautiful, although they won’t be enough. Please wear a coat, which can also be a stylish accessory. Check out inspiration for winter dresses Winter Weddings in the Snow – Wedding Packages NYC

I will never get tired of repeating this tip. Sometimes it gets so cold here that our hands freeze, it even becomes difficult to grab the pen to sign the marriage license. So, you must take this seriously. I have a lot of experience doing outdoor weddings in the winter, and I suffer when I see couples, especially the bride, suffer for not bundling up. If you can’t comply with this, have the ceremony inside, and then you can go outside and take a couple of pictures. Whatever you do, don’t suffer on your wedding day.

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