What kind of wedding packages do you offer?

At Wedding Packages NYC, we offer a wide range of elopement and simple ceremony packages to fit any couple’s wedding needs and budget. From our Paquete: Solo la Ceremonia package to our posh Yacht Cruise package, you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Can I customize my wedding package?

Yes, of course! You can add musicians, a romantic carriage ride, hair & makeup styling at your home or hotel – even extra time with your wedding photographer.

It’s up to you and what your vision is for your special day.

Once we book, what are the next steps moving forward?

As soon as we receive the booking, we will send you an email confirming your event details and we will give you a run down of the day, with timelines and other details, so that you know what to expect.

We will also request your Central Park permit for your chosen location for the time and date that you specified in your booking.

If your chosen time or location is already taken by someone else, the park’s department will let us know within a couple of days, and you will have the chance to pick a different time of the day (at the same location) or a different location in the park.
It’s always up to you. Some couples also choose to change the date, so long as they can keep the location of their choice.

What kind of musicians are available and what songs can they play?

We typically work with violinists, cellists, guitarists and a harpist. With your wedding package, you choose three songs for your ceremony: one for your bridal entrance, another for the end of the ceremony and the last one can be played while your friends and family congratulate you! We have a list of songs on our website you can choose from. Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know and we can arrange it so your musician plays your favorite song. Here is a link to our repertoire & videos of our musicians: https://weddingpackagesnyc.com/musician-for-your-ceremony/

Can I have bridesmaids and groomsmen in my wedding ceremony?

Your wedding party can be as big or as small as you like! Be sure to choose a Central Park venue that accommodates your group size comfortably. We do not limit the number of guests or the style of the ceremony, wedding party, etc. It’s all up to you.

How do I get my marriage license?

Getting married in New York City is actually quite easy! The city website has all the information you need to successfully get your marriage license. Here’s the link to get you started: https://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/content/marriage-license. If you still have questions, our wedding coordinator will walk you through the process.

What locations in New York City are available to me for my wedding ceremony?

Wedding Packages NYC specializes in wedding ceremonies in the Manhattan borough. Get married in Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Top of the Rock and other locations. If there is a venue that you would like to use, we can certainly go there. Please contact us for more information at: info@weddingpackagesnyc.com

What locations in Central Park are available to me for my wedding ceremony?

There are so many locations in Central Park to choose from for your ceremony. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Cop Cot (max. 60 ppl.)
  • Ladies Pavilion (Gazebo, max. 20-25 ppl.)
  • Wagner Cove (Gazebo, max. 10-15 ppl.)
  • Shakespeare Garden (max. 20-25 ppl.)
  • Bethesda Terrace /Bethesda Fountain (65 ppl.)
  • Bow Bridge (max. 30-35 ppl.)
  • Gapstow Bridge (max 60 ppl)
How long does a wedding ceremony usually last?

Our wedding ceremonies typically last 15 – 20 minutes. It all depends on you and what you envision for your ceremony. And whether you’ll have some participation from your friends and family members, extra rituals, etc.

Are there any restrictions for a Central Park wedding ceremony?

In order to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of Central Park, the Conservancy implements the following restrictions:

  • No set-up (includes tents/tables/chairs);
  • No amplified sound (acoustic music is permitted)
  • No vehicles or pedicab drop-off permitted
  • No alcohol
  • No flowers, balloons, or decorations
  • No banners or signs affixed to Park property or trees; no staking into the ground
  • The public must always have access to the park
  • Cleanup is required; the venue should be in the same condition as it was before the event
Can I customize my wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! It’s your special day. Just remember the focus of your wedding ceremony is you and your significant other! We recommend to keep it simple and to trust our seasoned wedding officiants. We do recommend writing your own vows though.

Do you have bilingual wedding officiants?

Yes. We have officiants who are fluent in Spanish, French & Portuguese. Need another language? Let us know.

Can I get married on a holiday?

Yes, absolutely! We work 365 days a year, including on National Holidays. At Wedding Packages NYC, we believe every day is a great day to get married.

What if I’m getting married in Central Park and it’s raining or snowing?

As they say on Broadway, the show must go on! If it’s raining or snowing at the time of your ceremony, we have several options that you can choose from. You can postpone the ceremony until the weather clears up. You can move the ceremony to an indoor venue, like a restaurant, cafe or hotel lobby near Central Park. Or our favorite option! You can pull out the umbrellas and have a memorable ceremony anyway! For more information on that please visit: What happens if it rains?

Do you perform any religious wedding ceremonies?

Yes, our wedding officiants are all ordained interfaith ministers and they are well verse in several religions and tradition. From Hindu weddings to Muslim and Jewish. We specialize in creating beautiful eclectic ceremonies that focus on your love and commitment and we are always happy to include some elements of your religion at your request.

Do I have to use your wedding photographer?

If you want to hire your own wedding photographer, you can. However, most of our packages already include photography. If you don’t want to use our photographer, I would recommend purchasing the “Paquete: Solo la Ceremonia” package.

In addition, we stand behind the experience, quality and expertise of our wedding photographers. Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding ceremony. Leave it to us, the experts, to take care of this for you!

How to obtain a marriage license:

¡Muy facil! Cuando esté listo para casarse, y si desea acelerar el proceso, simplemente ingrese en línea a esta dirección:


fill out and application for a “marriage license.” After this is filled out, you will go to the City Clerk’s office to pick up your license. Filling out the paperwork online will expedite this process & you can obtain your license in 10 minutes.

El costo de una licencia de matrimonio es de $ 35 con tarjeta de crédito o giro postal pagadero a City Clerk. Una licencia de matrimonio del estado de Nueva York es válida por 60 días. Lo que significa que debemos realizar su ceremonia dentro de los 60 días posteriores a la obtención de su licencia. Una licencia de matrimonio emitida en Nueva York se puede usar en cualquier lugar dentro del estado de Nueva York.

Your marriage is legal everywhere else!

If you have any doubts about the legality of your nuptials in NYC, please consult with your consulate, in case, they need you to have your license notarized. But in general that is not necessary. All marriages performed here are binding worldwide.

No es residente de US:

No hay requisitos de residencia o ciudadanía para casarse en Nueva York. Solo trae tu pasaporte.

You are divorced:

Si estuvo casado antes, debe enumerar todos los matrimonios anteriores. Debe incluir el nombre completo de su cónyuge anterior; la fecha en que se otorgó la sentencia de divorcio; y la ciudad, estado y país donde se emitió el divorcio.

All divorces and dissolutions must be finalized before you apply for a new Marriage License. You may be asked to produce the final divorce decree.

Proper Identification:

You and your prospective spouse must have one form of proper identification in order to apply for a Marriage license. If you are a foreigner, your passport will do.

No se requiere análisis de sangre

A blood test is not required to obtain a Marriage License in the State of New York.