Cheap Parking in New York City

Finding Parking in New York City is one of the most common reasons why weddings start late.

People still think that they can find parking in the streets. Guests arrive to the ceremony location within only a few minutes to the ceremony start time, only to find themselves going around in circles for at least 40 minutes. When they finally find a spot, it’s 5 blocks away from the ceremony location. This results in tardiness by key guests at a wedding. Sometimes it’s the father of the bride, other times it’s a sister, a brother or even the best man.

This is totally unacceptable! Your wedding is the Single most transcendental day in your life, and You DESERVE to have everyone there. Being late because of parking, only means that the guests were too cheap to leave their car in a parking lot.

Well, not any more! Luckily, I found this amazing solution for this very problem. Please make sure that you share this link with all your friends and family members.

It’s called Spot Hero. It’s super easy to sign up and it will find you amazing deals from participating parking lots and garages in proximity to your destination. Please watch my video to learn more, and never be late again!

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