Bring your dog to your wedding

It is now more and more common for couples to bring their dogs to their weddings, and have them either be ring bearers or just pose cutely with them and their loved ones. One thing is for certain: your pup will be the guest of honor! We once had a wedding officiated by Reverend Brad, where the couple considered their dog as their child, and it was a beautiful moment, where the dog was dressed up, it behaved so well and totally stole the show!

Most people consider their dogs a member of their family, which is why they would never think of leaving them out of the most special day ever. Here at Wedding Packages NYC, we are a hundred percent pet friendly and we encourage you to bring your pet out of this special day. You can hire a Bridal Assistant – Wedding Packages NYC to help you be with your dog when you have to do something else, and also let your photographer know it will be there so they can arrange a special photoshoot that includes your special friend. You can even dress them in cute dresses or tuxedos. How cute!

Something you should take into account, however, is not to expect a different behavior from your dog. It doesn’t understand it’s your wedding day, and they can get very nervous around too many people, so don’t expect it to act like a princess and do everything perfectly. They are animals, after all. You can always train him and have someone to specifically take care of your dog during your ceremony, if that’s what’s best for you. But you know your pet, so there’s probably no one better to be there for it than yourselves. 

It is preferable to include your dog only if you are having a quick, relaxed outdoor ceremony, without too many guests, though, as it can get very unsettling for them in the long run, especially during long ceremonies. In addition, fancy places are too delicate for them, and it’s easier for your dog to stain or break something, which is a situation you want to avoid. Before hiring a venue, make sure you call them to see if they allow pets. If you desire to book a pet-friendly, outdoor wedding, make sure to check our Central Park Wedding packages – Wedding Packages NYC, so you can ensure a precious unique moment with your lovely friend. 

Finally, make sure all your guests are comfortable being around dogs, as it’s not for everyone. You don’t want to upset anyone, which is why you should let everyone know in advance that you are planning on having your dog there. As long as you do that and embrace the chaos that may unfold, you are to have an amazing wedding, accompanied by your best friend. 

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