Your Wedding Certificate

How do you get your Certificate of Marriage?

As soon as your wedding ceremony is over, the wedding officiant, the couple, and the witness will sign the marriage license.

The officiant will mail the signed license back to the City Clerk’s office.

If you are working with us, please know that we mail it IMMEDIATELY after the ceremony is over.

The City Clerk will receive signed marriage license, they will process it, and they will mail your Wedding Certificate to the mailing address that you provided on your marriage license application.

Your certificate of marriage should arrive in about 3 weeks. The certificate of marriage looks like this:

What to do if your Wedding Certificate doesn’t arrive?

If you don’t receive your Marriage Certificate by week 3, you can go ahead and contact the manager at the City Clerk’s office.

You must include your license number in your email. You can find your license number in the right hand side (See below).

This is the person that you should email to inquire about your Marriage certificate:

City Clerk Manager: Joey Tai


FYI: If you are in a hurry, and need to get your certificate right away, we recommend that you take your signed marriage license to the City Clerk’s office in person so that they can issue the wedding certificate right there on the spot.

You can make an appointment to see them in person here: RECORD ROOM.

I hope this was helpful.

Please do not contact your wedding officiant asking them about your Certificate. They already did their job. Now it is up to the Clerk’s officer to do theirs in a timely manner.

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