What to expect when you hire a videographer

Let’s talk about videographers. I have been in the wedding industry for 2 decades. I’ve done nothing but weddings. I don’t work for anybody else, which means I have to find my team and my own vendors who will work with me. So I have a lot of years of experience and I’ve seen a lot of things.  I always strongly recommend that you really research the market price for each service, when planning your wedding. It is beneficial and very important for you to be aware of what the market price is. So let’s say you’re looking for a wedding videographer. You must go through different videographers with different prices and see what their average price is, as well as what they offer for that price. You want to make sure you are aware of what’s involved in videography. 

We do small weddings, elopement style. A lot of people ask for a video, but most don’t want to spend a lot of money. They want something simple and economical, and so for a long time, I was charging $650 for my videos. Now, you have to understand that, with that amount of money, you are paying the camera person and the editor. Let me tell you, editing is a lot of work. I have sat with professional editors and watched them work. I’ve seen how time-consuming it is. In addition, with that money, you are paying for the equipment and years of training that these people have. Filming and editing need training and practice. Videographers need the latest, most excellent equipment to work with, so the image and sound can be as neat as possible. 

You may have noticed by now that $650 for a high-quality edited video isn’t enough money. Decent professionals price their services according to their skill level. So if the price is too low, chances are the wedding professional is not very skillful or is not very experienced and equipped. Know what you are paying for, and don’t expect more. We now charge over a thousand dollars for our videos, but you can see that they are top-quality ones. All in all, expect to receive what you paid for. 

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