Wedding Photographer

Aside from the wedding officiant, the photographer is the most important professional you’ll hire for this important day.  Yet, one of the biggest mistakes many couples make is NOT choosing the right photographer for their wedding day. In order to become a part of my team, I review their portfolios and I also “audition” them as back-up photographers at actual weddings we host. This gives me the opportunity to see their work style, their level of professionalism and their social interaction with our couples.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer: 

Just because someone is a good photographer doesn’t make them a great WEDDING photographer. There are different types of photography and each one requires special skills. A good wedding photographer needs to be able to capture a wedding ceremony without interrupting it or causing distractions. They are experienced in the must-have shot lists, knowledgeable in great locations and on how to pose our couples.

Having a “good friend” take your wedding photos can set you up for disappointment. I always advise couples NOT to do this. Asking a close friend or relative to handle your wedding photos is a lot of pressure to place on someone who can probably take great pictures at family gatherings but knows nothing about wedding photography. What happens if your friend doesn’t get the photos you wanted or the quality isn’t good? How do you tell your friend without getting feelings hurt and ruining friendships?  

There are no “do-overs” when it comes to your wedding day. You only have that one opportunity to capture the moment which is why choosing the right photographer is so important. One bride found a photographer and shortly after her wedding, told me that there were some good photos, but the photographer never took pictures of them with their parents or their wedding party. There were no photos of their cake, bridal bouquet or dress – photos that may seem cliché and standard but are welcomed after the fact. All of our photographers are prepped on the shot lists our couples want BEFORE their wedding day arrives.

Be prepared to spend a nice portion of your wedding budget on your photographer. When couples inquire about my wedding packages, one of the first things they try to save money on is photography. If a wedding service costs a lot, most likely it’s probably because it requires more care and attention – like your wedding photos!  

Sometimes couples will tell me they have a personal friend who’ll be shooting their ceremony because “they take good pictures” or that they’ve found a photographer on Craigslist. At that point, I worry that these beautiful couples may be cheating themselves out of some wonderful memories on the most important day of their lives. With our photographers, we’ve saved you the time and effort of having to research photographers and they are worth hiring for the price you’ll pay.

Appearance, experience and professionalism matter. You want vendors at your wedding that are punctual and professional. You want people to be dressed appropriately for the occasion – your wedding – nothing flashy or distracting and nothing short of the reverence and respect your special day deserves. For my couples, I assure them that my team is professional, on time and properly dressed for the occasion.  

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