Wedding Designer & Planner

Consulting: $120

One of the most frustrating and confusing parts of wedding planning is trying to figure out how much everything costs. There are times when every detail seems to be shrouded in mystery, and before you know it you’re knee-deep in trying to guess what your budget should be, and what you’ll ultimately end up paying for everything from your wedding venue or catering to your wedding invitations and flowers.Which is why I offer a one on one consultation for those couples who don't nessesaraly need a planner for every step of the way but they would like to get some guidance on prices, vendors and wedding ideas. 

MGP 0879 copy                        Shakespeare garden central park

Church Wedding in New York City                                                                                   Shakespeare Gardens, Central Park


Day of Coordination: $850 

After discussing your vision for the ceremony, I would be in charge of:

  • creating a detailed timeline,
  • contacting the vendors for formal introductions,
  • checking timelines confirming day of contact information,
  • reviewing copies of all contracts to clarify all contractual obligations of all vendors,  
  • running the wedding rehearsal,
  • be present at the venue and ensure every detail is set up the way the client has envisioned it.


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