The advantages of micro-weddings

Wedding Packages NYC

Many people think of cheap, boring, and lonely ceremonies when thinking of elopement-style weddings, but at Wedding Packages NYC we can assure them it is not at all the case. Although they are typically cheaper than the traditional wedding, that doesn’t mean they are not filled with lovely and personalized details and amazing services. They are only more affordable and to the point. In addition, just because they involve fewer guests, doesn’t mean it’s a lonely wedding. The guest count depends on the couple and the place. If they want to be alone, they can, and if they want 50 guests, they can do that too. Micro-weddings release pressure from the couple, as they don’t have to invite more people than they want to just to please them. 

What we find most convenient about small, vegas-style weddings, is that they can happen anywhere. We are based in New York, so we have infinite possibilities. We marry people in Central Park, on the streets, on a rooftop, or even restaurants. Just name it! We can make the place into the perfect venue for your quick wedding. Some people may assume these weddings feel rushed, but our officiants make sure to cover all the important points and make the couple protagonists, without making it unnecessarily long. Micro-weddings can be super personal and romantic, without lasting as long as traditional weddings do.

What’s more, the planning for the sort of weddings we do, is quite stress-free and easy. Our coordinators take care of everything and touch base with the couple only when it’s necessary. This guarantees that the couple can be aware of everything that’s going on, without having to take care of it all. Our couples tend to say this makes the months and days prior to the wedding feel way more relaxed and enjoyable. 

Finally, couples who are visiting New York can have a runaway-style wedding, as the process of getting married legally here requires very few steps and only  a valid photo ID, like any passport. Anyone, American or not, can get married in New York City.

 The money spent on micro-weddings is considerably less than any type of traditional wedding, without having to give up on style, fun and guests. If small weddings now sound like the perfect type of ceremony for you and your loved one, consider Wedding Packages NYC as your wedding organizer.  

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