Plan Your Vow Renewal Ceremony in Central Park

A Vow Renewal With a New York Twist

Couple: Zach & Rebecca

Venue: Ladies Pavilion

Month: November

Twenty-five years ago, Zach and Rebecca met, then fell in love and got married, like most couples do. “When we got married, we had a big wedding and shared that amazing experience with our family and friends,” Zach recalled. “It’s an event that we still cherish to this day.”

But years go by and not very many couples take on the task of planning a wedding vow renewal ceremony.  But that’s exactly what Zach set out to do for Rebecca – without her knowing! He decided this time around it would be something small, something simple and just the two of them to celebrate.

“Having a very personal and intimate vow renewal was the perfect way for me to honor Rebecca’s love, our love, in a way that was focused on our relationship,” he said.

Zach had reached out to Wedding Packages NYC more than seven months ago to help him plan out his surprise. Since neither one of the couple had ever been to New York City, it was the perfect pretense to travel here and celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

“Rebecca had been saying for a few years, after our 15th wedding anniversary, how meaningful it would be to do a vow renewal,” he said. “We are busy parents, like all parents, and pulling that together with all sorts of family and friends to be invited and involved seemed pretty daunting!”

Our wedding team kicked into high gear to take care of all the little details Zach wanted for his long-time sweetheart. “Once NYC was the destination, Central Park just appealed to me for this event,” he said. “We are outdoors folks – we love nature, hiking and biking, and the Park is just beautiful.”

The couple stayed at a hotel near Central Park and Zach planned a casual, late morning stroll that early November day. “The only thing I told her was to wear comfortable shoes as we’d be doing a fair bit of walking,” Zach said.

As the couple got closer to Ladies Pavilion, the sound of a violin in the distance could be heard. Zach urged Rebecca to head towards the music. Suddenly, she recognized their wedding song playing and a photographer began taking photos of the couple as they made their way down the path.

“Rebecca turned to me and said ‘why is someone taking pictures of us’…and then it just clicked,” he said. Even after all these years, Zach could still surprise his beautiful bride.

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