No-Refunds From Wedding Vendors

In the wedding industry, there’s a long-standing no-refund policy that is well known and adhered-to by anyone that’s had any kind of success in this business.

This policy applies to any and all circumstances, including and not limited to wedding cancelations due to change of plans, breakups, deaths, natural disasters, acts of God, or weather conditions.


“Wedding” is an industry that is shaped more by emotional decisions than solid business reasons. As soon as a couple announces their wedding, it is very common for family and friends to start chiming in on how the wedding should be. Everybody knows best. It can be stressful, and pretty soon, couples find themselves rethinking their wedding plans, cancelling services, changing the date, reconsidering the venue, or postponing their plans indefinitely.

Other times, the bride gets inspired by the latest celebrity wedding fad and decides that tying the knot on some exotic beach would be best. Worse yet, some couples break up altogether and simply cancel.

Plans can change. People change. If the wedding industry was going to survive and flourish, it had to devise a policy that would safeguard it from unpredictable human behavior and financial ruin. And that’s how the no-refund policy came about.

It’s a policy that has remained firm among wedding professionals even as the country faces uncertainty about tomorrow.

Just like your wedding ceremony, giving out a refund really is a big deal for a wedding company, especially a niche business like ours where our focus is on small destination weddings and elopements. Many couples don’t understand what exactly it is they’re paying for when they buy a wedding package or when they hire us as their wedding planner.

It’s not just putting a down payment on a wedding venue to reserve your spot. It’s not just hiring musicians, florists and a wedding officiant. So much more goes into planning your wedding than just booking vendors. And, like any other business, overhead costs such as office rent, keeping the lights on, employee payroll and marketing expenses are built into our prices.

Most importantly to remember is that your wedding coordinator doesn’t just wake up on the day of your ceremony and start organizing your wedding. The majority of the work takes place behind the scenes well in advance of your special day to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without a hitch.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’re actually paying for when you purchase a wedding package.


The time, effort and research I put into developing MY team gets accounted for in the cost of my packages. You can always plan your own wedding, but the risk of things not turning out like you hoped is great. My costs mitigate that risk for you so that you can focus on your loved ones and enjoy your dream wedding.


When I first started my business, I faced many challenges. I dealt with unreliable employees, dishonest vendors, and difficult city bureaucrats. But with persistence and a lot of trial and error, I have put together a strong, reliable and talented team of wedding professionals that help me create the best wedding experience possible.

It took me over 12 years to acquire the experience & the wisdom I have today. As with all highly skilled professionals in any industry, our service fees and conditions for hire become less flexible than those of newcomers.


One of the secret benefits of hiring a wedding planner is preferential pricing and access when securing vendors. Although certain services can seem expensive at the onset, imagine if you tried to secure them on your own. Forget the time and effort it takes to search for and meet with vendors; usually their standard cost alone can be more than you bargained for.

That’s where Wedding Packages NYC comes in. Because WE provide a steady flow of business and have a solid reputation in the industry, vendors are more likely to want to work with us and offer us outstanding performance & loyalty. Having the right connections and negotiating on your behalf also gets figured into the fees we charge.


The idea of logistics is pretty much built into the name: Wedding Planner.  When you hire Wedding Packages NYC, the cost not only pays for vendors directly, but it also pays for your peace of mind that there is someone fully and solely responsible for all your wedding logistics. Our work starts well before your wedding day and we should be compensated for this work, even if you end up canceling your ceremony.

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that will prevent you from going on with your wedding plans.

If you pick a new date, we will be more than willing to finish the job we started for you. If you cancel your wedding event altogether and you’ve paid, consider it payment for work already done.

Weddings are a happy occasion and we want you to have great memories. Therefore, I strongly recommend obtaining an Event insurance, so that you are covered in case your plans change.

Event insurance costs are between $55 to $100 and it will cover all of your expenses and more.

Here are a couple of Insurance companies that provide this service. I am sure you can find a lot more companies online.

I hope this was helpful. Please don’t forget to watch my video on top.

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