No guest limit when eloping

Eloping in Central Park has become a favorite choice for many couples who are looking for a simple, yet romantic way to get married. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Central Park allows couples to get married conveniently, flexibly, and affordably. One of the most significant perks of eloping in Central Park allows couples to bring as many guests as they want, without limitation. As it is a Public space, there’s no one who can tell you how many people you can invite. The sky’s the limit. 

Deciding who to invite, who to leave out, and where to seat everybody, taking into account that some people may have more conversation with some than with others, deciding where to sit kids, and not being able to bring pets, are all problems you won’t even have to think about when organizing a small wedding. Nobody will get offended if you don’t invite them, as you are eloping after all, and, inviting only your closest friends and family is socially acceptable. And if your case is that you don’t want to invite anyone to your wedding and just want you and your loved one with the officiant, that’s okay too!

Do you feel like you have too many guests instead? Bring them to the park! They can all celebrate you and your spouse getting together and enjoying a lovely park day along the way. Some park locations even have sitting for up to 50 people, so they can even be perfectly comfortable during the whole ceremony. There are many advantages to inviting many people: you can all dance, you can have amazing wedding pictures, you can have them all come dressed in a certain color scheme that matches your wedding’s vibe, and more!  

Eloping in Central Park also gives you the flexibility to choose the date, time, and location that best suits your needs. Besides, it is less expensive than traditional weddings. No venue rental fees or catering costs, just you, your loved ones, an officiant, and the natural beauty of all Central Park locations. The park’s stunning landscapes, fountains and monuments are perfect for capturing beautiful memories of your special day with your loved ones.

So, if this seems like the ideal wedding for you, don’t hesitate to contact us or book directly. We offer multiple Wedding Packages, all different from each other but with one thing in common: they are quick and straightforward wedding ceremonies that are nothing like traditional ones. Here´s all the information you need to know about getting married in NYC.

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