How to Elope in New York City

Personal experience & Professional knowledge combined to create the Ultimate Guide for a New York City Wedding.

Like no other guide out there, How to Elope in New York City will show you ALL THE SECRETS to a glamorous New York City wedding, for the fraction of the price.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a magical wedding in New York City.

Wedding Guru & Spiritual Advisor Veronica Moya gives you an inside look at getting married in the big Apple, providing you with tips and suggestions for every aspect of eloping!

From applying for your marriage license to dealing with difficult family members. You won’t have to worry about anything!
Planning a wedding shouldn’t be as stressful or as expensive as most people say it would be.

This book is unlike any other “Wedding Planning Guide” that you’ve seen out there. This book is both a guide and reality check that will lift the veil of secrecy (pun intended!) behind the planning and execution of a small wedding. It will give you all the information you need about how to prepare for the unexpected, and what to do when something doesn’t go as planned (and, inevitably, something won’t). You will learn all the insider’s tricks, tips, and hacks Veronica has gathered over the years so that your wedding day is beyond special. When she warns you about common matrimonial mishaps, please know that Veronica has the experience and proof to back it up!

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to obtain the necessary legal documents without leaving your home!
  • Secrets of micro-weddings from the super adventurous to the steadfast standards
  • How to get the best wedding vendors without paying full price for their service
  • Tell-all guides to the most popular wedding spots, New York City Landmarks and Central Park
  • Dozens of valuable “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to micro-wedding planning
  • Expert hacks and tips that you won’t hear anywhere else
  • How to do it yourself without losing your sanity, or your friends…
  • The must-haves and the don’t-bothers for your micro-wedding
  • No-stress solutions to dealing with difficulties: weather, traffic, crowds, tardiness, even emotional family members!

From the Author:

With thousands of weddings under my belt, I can objectively give you advice about what to expect during elopement weddings, what to watch out for, what you can skip, and what you absolutely must do so everything goes as smoothly as a silky white gown. Having eloped with my second husband in Central Park (more on that later), I’ve seen and done it all from both sides of the altar. I will share my own elopement wedding mistakes (and, boy, did I make some doozies)—all of which I learned from and have incorporated into this book and Veronica’s “I dos” and “I don’ts.” 

I’m sure your mother, cousin, aunt, grandmother, bestie, roommate, or manicurist had a wedding where they did the exact opposite of everything I’m going to suggest; and it all worked out so perfectly that everyone wept tears of joy. But here’s the deal: My friend Bruce, who is a blackjack dealer, says even the dumbest plays sometimes win. That doesn’t mean you should always hit on twenty, hoping there’s an ace at the top of the deck. Unless your friends and family have been to as many weddings as I have, I recommend you take their advice with a grain of salt (or rice).

About the Author:

Veronica Moya is a highly intuitive wedding officiant, spiritual teacher and speaker, Moya’s strong empathy and ability to predict and avoid difficulty, has allowed her to have her entrepreneurism soar. Over the last five years, Veronica has become a dominate leader in the micro-wedding industry in New York City after founding the city’s fastest growing elopement company, Wedding Package NYC, and the first ever Vegas-style wedding chapel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Love Chapel NYC, alongside her husband, that has received international acclaim by the likes of Fox News, NBC, New York Post, Business Insider, and more. Rightfully named in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2021 by Yahoo News, Veronica’s road to helping people enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life started when she was just 17 after founding a kids entertainment company in her birth country of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following her life’s mission of helping young people become fearless and confident by helping them go within and connect with their true selves, she also teaches meditation and psychic development classes to teens and children ages nine and up. She previously served as a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holist studies, the Edgar Cayce center and the Meta Center of New York City.

To-date, she has penned countless articles for holistic publications and has been featured by some of the world’s leading news organizations including New York Times, Financial Times, The American Reporter, and the New York Post, and on E Entertainment News, Fox News and NBC. Veronica lives in New York City with her husband, Bradley Lau and enjoys ice skating, where she takes lessons in Central Park every morning, ballet classes and singing.


Veronica is the G.O.A.T! My husband and I were beyond ecstatic with the outcome of our ceremony. I highly recommend Veronica and can’t express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!!!!! – Sophia Hidalgo

Please don’t look anywhere else…Veronica and her team are the best in NYC. From the moment we talked to Gal (our personal wedding manager) and Veronica – both WONDERFUL, we knew we were in the best hands! We had a magical wedding under Bethesda Terrace. It was so special. Highly recommend you have your hair done. Elena did my hair and I loved it almost as much as my dress – she is SO GOOD and honestly, I would not have felt as special without her magic touch. Also, make sure you book a wedding coordinator for your day, ours was Mariangel and we don’t know what we would have done without her. Her warm positive energy and willingness to help from communication, set up and with photographs was top notch! Thank you, Wedding Packages NYC and the incredible dream team, for making our day so special, we didn’t have to worry about anything! From that initial call and all the calls/texts with Gal and Veronica before the day…to the amazing team on the day! As we said in the beginning: no need to look anywhere else…you’ve found the best in NYC! – Nicki & Eric Druker

BIG loving thank you to Veronica and her team!! My partner and I originally were leaning toward having a zoom style wedding in our apartment. Aunt referred us to Wedding Packages NYC and I’m so glad we got out for the day! Everything was perfect, Veronica and her team handled all the details so smoothly, which took a huge weight off. As the days got closer all I had on my mind was excitement, not stress. The day was simply filled with love and fun, and now we have a collection of gorgeous photos and great memories. Much better than anything we could have done on our own. – Andrea Hines

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