Our Gay Wedding Ceremonies

We may have a long way to achieve full equality for all, but we definitely are making progress towards it! The good news are that same-sex weddings are now legally recognized in all 50 states!!

With every union being unique, it’s up to each couple to interpret the classic marriage traditions to suit their celebration.

Getting married is an emotional and stressful ‘rollercoaster’, which is why our main goal is to take the stress off your shoulders and make sure you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest! 

Our goal is to provide affordable packages and services for same-sex weddings- we will coordinate all vendors booked through us and make sure that your day runs perfectly.

When purchasing one of our wedding packages, we will discuss your ceremony preferences together and you can choose whether you would like a secular-civil ceremony, a spiritual Non- Denominational, or a Religious Ceremony (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, etc.).

With our packages, performed 365 days a year,  you are not limited to a number of guests.

Our packages include Central Park ceremonies and rooftop weddings- all you have to do is choose the package that fits your needs and let the fun begin!

So, whether it’s a bride-bride or groom-groom situation – we’ve got you covered!

¿Buscando las palabras adecuadas para decir en el altar?

Nuestra experta en bodas Verónica Moya ha preparado estos
inspiradores libros de votos para ayudar a nuestros novios a crear sus votos perfectos.
Este libro es un excelente regalo para la futura novia o el futuro novio!