New York City: The chosen city for quick weddings

Las Vegas-style weddings are known for being fast, unstructured, and with few guests. They are convenient because they are fast-paced, yet fun and spontaneous. However, these types of weddings aren’t only done in Las Vegas. Today, you can find them in various cities. However, the city that seems to be the new best candidate is the Big Apple: New York City. The number of attractions and landmarks to visit in this city surpasses that of any other. From Central Park, where you can get married, to tall buildings and terraces like the Top of the Rock, where you can also get married, the Big Apple has everything to ensure you and your partner don’t run out of things to do besides getting married. 

Many couples come with the misconception that getting married in New York is extremely expensive, but at Wedding Packages NYC we offer wedding packages that include everything you could want, without the outlandish price tag. Our weddings range from $750 to $4000, depending on where, how, and with what services each couple decides to tie the knot. Plus, we take care of everything. We put together a team of true professionals, who will adapt to your needs and likings, will make sure to arrive in a timely manner, and will do their job correctly and efficiently. The only thing left to do for the couple is to obtain the marriage license.

The process of making your marriage legal is quite simple and quick. You and your partner must make an appointment on the official page of the City Clerk. It is advisable to do this approximately four weeks before the desired wedding date. Then, on the day of the appointment, both of you should bring any form of legal identification that is not expired (driver’s license, ID, passport, etc.). You do not need to be from New York or the United States to obtain a license. Once you have been processed, your license will be issued immediately. You just bring it to your ceremony and your officiant will sign it to make your marriage officially legal. The process is simple and easy. You can read more about how to get your license, how to get appointments at the Civil Registry and how long the license is valid for, aquí.

It’s undeniable that New York City is the new location of choice for quick, Las Vegas-style weddings. No matter which location you choose or which landmarks you decide to visit, the city will never disappoint or bore you. One of our most beloved options, besides being the backup plan for Central Park weddings in case of bad weather, is our Love Chapel,  the perfect place to have a beautiful and private wedding. Book any of our Wedding Packages in New York City and have your ideal wedding ceremony. 

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