Ramos de novia

Nuestros ramos de novia son ramos redondos bouquets consisting of seasonal flowers or two dozen roses cut uniform in length and style and wrapped in ribbon. Simply let us know what color flowers you have in mind and our florist will create something beautiful for you.

Some of the bouquets featured on our website are custom bouquets we have created for our brides. If you would like us to use a specific flower or create a different style (shape) of bouquet, we can definitely do this for you. We’ll need an inspiration photo and specific instructions of your vision.

There is a surcharge on custom bouquets that is added to the basic cost of your bouquet package ($350). This surcharge starts at $100 and goes up, depending on the type of flowers chosen. If your package already comes with a bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere, we would simply add the surcharge to your final package balance.

Estos son algunos de los ramos que hemos realizado para nuestras novias:

¿Buscando las palabras adecuadas para decir en el altar?

Nuestra experta en bodas Verónica Moya ha preparado estos
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Este libro es un excelente regalo para la futura novia o el futuro novio!