5 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner

You’ve set the date and now it’s time to plan your wedding day. You’re thinking about planning it yourself. After all, you’re leaning towards having a small wedding, maybe even just an elopement. How hard can it be? Just a bridal bouquet, maybe some decorations, definitely a wedding officiant and possibly even a musician.

Can you really plan and execute your own small wedding? The short answer is “Probably yes.” As with most things today, you could turn to the internet, watch hundreds of YouTube videos and read blog after blog about the girl that successfully pulled off her own destination beach wedding.

But I say this with all sincerity – DON’T do it. It’s your wedding! And it deserves all the attention, respect and utmost of care, no matter how big or small it will be. It’s really all about the little details that can make the difference between having an OK wedding and an AMAZING wedding.

As a bride and groom, you both also deserve to fully enjoy the most important day of your lives together. A wedding professional can help manage those details so that you are as stress-free as possible and you can focus on what’s really important on your wedding day – saying “I Do” and celebrating your love.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to hire a wedding planner:

1. A simple and small wedding doesn’t mean cheap and easy. I think of an elopement-style wedding as a small, meaningful celebration that frees you and your partner from the stress and expense of a traditional wedding if you do it correctly. But whether you have a hundred guests or only a handful of close friends at your wedding, it will still require planning and investment. A wedding planner has the professional experience to help you navigate the process.

2. A wedding planner has already done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. You can spend entire weekends scouting for the perfect ceremony location, reading Google reviews on photographers and searching for the right wedding officiant. OR you could hire a wedding planner that has already vetted and put together a team of professionals who know what’s involved and how they fit into your wedding day plans. A wedding professional has mastered the art of wedding planning (and it is an art!) so you don’t have to.

Veronica Moya Wedding planner

3. Invite your friends, don’t “hire” your friends. I say this all the time! Asking your best friend to do your hair & makeup instead of hiring a stylist on your wedding day is a recipe for disaster. Just because your cousin dabbles in photography doesn’t make him the best choice to shoot the most important day of your life. Assigning important tasks to friends or family members is simply inviting undue stress and disappointment into the mix. Leave these things to the professionals and let your loved ones celebrate your special day with you.

4. Your time is also very valuable. Investing it by hunting for deals or trying to find the right vendors is valuable time lost. Wedding planners not only save you from this added stress, they have great connections and a lot of insight. When you hire a wedding planner, you get the benefit of their experience so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day.

5. If you want it done right, have your wedding planner do it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a little money here and there as you plan your wedding, but the end result can look piecemeal and maybe even cheap. You want your wedding day to be beautiful in every way possible. When you hire you wedding planner, you’re hiring experience and expertise. You can rest easy knowing things will get done right!

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