Fun loving British couple gets married in Central Park in the middle of the biggest storm of the year.

Outstanding warm and fun wedding ceremony in Central Park, right in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year. The temperature were the lowest recorded in years. But this crazy weather didn’t prevent this AMAZING Couple from having the time of their life!! We decided to go inside the Tavern on the Green to conduct the wedding ceremony, so that the couple could enjoy their ceremony in a cozy and warm environment. The folks at the Tavern were very kind, and helpful. They allowed us to use their event room to do the ceremony and they re-arranged the flowers so they could have a pretty background. We put an isle runner down and our violinist set the mood for the ceremony. After the ceremony we all went outside to have a Super Fun photo session. You can feel their joy and glee just by looking at these images. What an amazing day!!! We all had a lot of fun!!!

Is this the Greatest picture or What? I absolutely LOVE this moment!! What a great photo!!!