Wagner Cove in Central Park

Guest Count: 15

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: Wagner Cove is one of Central Park's lesser-known treasures. This small location on the edge of The Lake is punctuated by a rustic shelter with two wooden benches. This secluded spot is ideal for a very intimate wedding ceremony. This is my husband's most favorite venue to officiate weddings at and it has become my favorite as well. Specially because it offers a level of intimacy that no other location in the park offers. We are able to close the area and minimize the transit of people and curious tourist during your ceremony. You can see our videos & photos below: 


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   Wagner Cove Central Park Wedding       Wagner Cove Central Park


 Veronica Moya Wedding Officiant      Wagner Cove Wedding Ceremony Central Park

                               wagner cove central park wedding