Bow Bridge in Central Park

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: Bow Bridge is one of the most visited, filmed, and photographed areas in Central Park. It's right behind (or in front of, depending where you are coming from) Bethesda Terrace, and the Boat House. It's located in the center of the park and it's the chosen location for most wedding photographers. Having your picture taken at the iconic Bow Bridge seems to be MUST. However, I would not recommend conducting your actual wedding ceremony on the bridge. Even-though we WILL have a permit for the area, we are not able to prevent people from walking through. This creates anxiety and stress for the couple. I suggest having your ceremony on one of the neat landing spots around the bridge. The upside of this option is that you will have "Bow Bridge" as a background during your ceremony.  Watch our video to give you an idea of what to expect:


   This is the second landing to the right of the bridge: 

           Bow Bridge wedding Central Park     


            Bow bridge Wedding 

          This are is the first landing to the left of the bridge: 

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        bow bridge central park


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 Bow Bridge    Bow Bridge Central Park 7x5 

 Bow Bridge Central Park  Bow Bridge Central park

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