Guest Count: 20

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: West Drive Boat Landing is one of the best kept secrets in Central Park. It's right let to the popular Wagner Cove and it offers a beautiful and open view of the Bow bridge while also providing shelter, in case of rain, and great privacy from curious tourists. 



landing spot across bow bridge    West Drive boat landing central parkjpg    West Drive Landing Cenytral Park


West boat landing Central Park  West drive boat landing Central Park


Guest Count: 15

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: Wagner Cove is one of Central Park's lesser-known treasures. This small location on the edge of The Lake is punctuated by a rustic shelter with two wooden benches. This secluded spot is ideal for a proposal or a very intimate wedding ceremony. This oasis is just west of Cherry Hill and East of the 72nd Street and Central Park West entrance to the park. It is east of Strawberry Fields and within close walking distance to popular landmarks such as Bethesda Fountain Terrace and Bow Bridge. 



   Wagner Cove Wedding Packages NYC      Wagner Cove Central Park        



   Wagner Cove Wedding Ceremony Central Park       Wagner Cove Central Park Wedding Packages NYC




Guest Count: 25

Nearest Park Entrance: 59th St & 5th Ave

About: Gapstow Bridge is located by the intersection of Central Park South & 5th Ave. and it offers 3 landing spots where you can have your ceremony. Two spots in front of the bridge and one behind it. This particular location gives you a great opportunity to have the best of both worlds. You can be with nature and have a lot of green in your photos while also get some wonderful shots by the iconic Plaza hotel, and the always busy 5th Ave. 



Wedding Packages NYC    Gapstow bridge wedding   Wedding Packge Central Park Gapstow bridge


Gapstow Bridge Central Park  Gapstow Bridge



Guest Count: 20

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: One of the most iconic Central Park landmarks, Bow Bridge is one of the most visited, filmed, and photographed areas in Central Park & provides stunning photo opportunities for wedding ceremonies and wedding photography. It can be very busy, especially on weekends, so it does not offer as much privacy as other Central Park locations. But there are really neat landing spots behind and in front of the bridge where you could have your ceremony. Watch the video to give you an idea of what to expect:


    Bow Bridge      Bow Bridge Central Park 7x5             


   Wedding Packages NYC Central Park Wedding Photography 7x5      Bow Bridge Landing Spot Wedding Packages NYC 7x5


   Central Park Wedding Packages NYC Bow Bridge 

Guest Count: 25

Nearest Park Entrance: 77th Street and Central Park West

About: Central Park's Ladies Pavilion is a secluded spot located near 77th Street on the west side of the park, next to The Lake. The Pavilion's antique-style construction, location, and beauty have made it one of the most sought-after park locations for special events, especially weddings ceremonies and photo shoots. It is located in a more secluded area of Central Park and offers protection from the elements, meaning you can hold your ceremony rain or shine!


Ladies Pavilion photos NYC     Bilingual Wedding Officiant    


 Ladies Pavilion wedding     Ladies Pavilion Wedding


  Rev.Brad Officiant      Wedding Packages NYC Bridal bouquet rose

Guest Count: 40

Nearest Park Entrance: 81st Street and Central Park West

About: Named for the Italian meaning "beautiful view," Central Park's Belvedere Castle offers park goers exactly what its name implies. With its two balconies, it supplies wonderful panoramic views that include some of Central Park's most beautiful and famous landmarks: the Delacorte Theater, the Great Lawn, the Turtle Pond and the Ramble. No weddings are allowed inside the Castle. This location also offers some protection in the event of rain or snow.


Belvedere Castle Central Park  Belvedere Castle Wedding Packages NYC


        Belvedere Castle Wedding Central Park    Belvedere castle central park wedding


     Belvedere Castle Centyral Park  Autum leaves Central Park Wedding

Guest Count: 10 people comfortably 

Nearest Park Entrance: Central Park West & 77th St.   

About:  Chambers Landing is a beautiful and secluded little spot by the lake with an amazing view of the New York Skyline. It's only a few short steps away from Ladies Pavilion but it's much more private. As you can see in the video the steps leading into the landing make it more exclusive and intimate than any of the other landings spots in the Park. This has become my personal favorite spot! Romantic, cute & intimate.


 Wedding Packages NYC Central Park wedding 7x5                          Wedding Packages NYC at Chambers Landing 7x5


Chambers Landing Wedding Elopement 7x5             Chambers Landing Central Park Wedding Packages NYC

Guest Count: 40

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: Central Park's Bethesday Terrace is on two levels, united by two grand staircases and a lesser one that passes under Terrace Drive to provide passage southward to the Elkan Naumburgbandshell and The Mall, of which this is the architectural culmination, the theatrical set-piece at the center of the park. Featured in countless films, Bethesda Fountain Terrace is one of the most popular locations for a Central Park wedding, including mine (video below). Since the fountain is centrally located in the park, it’s within walking distance of tons of great photo opportunities such as Cherry Hill and Bow Bridge. Hold your ceremony by the fountain or under the shelter of the Lower Passage with its beautiful mosaic tiled ceiling above. 


Bethesda Terrace Wedding Ceremony by Wedding Packages NYC    Bethesda Terrace Central Park    Bethesda Terrace Wedding



.  Bethesda terrace wedding packages nyc    Bethesda Fountain in Winter

Guest Count: It can hold 50 people comfortably 

Nearest Park Entrance: Central Park South (59th St.) and 6th Avenue

About:  Cop Cot means "little house on the crest of the hill" in Scottish.

Cop Cot Is one of the older structures in Central Park; It has a circular shape which makes it a really nice and romantic spot for a wedding ceremony. We have performed quite a few ceremonies here; some with little to no people and others with a really large crowd. I think that if you have a large number of guests this is an ideal spot for your ceremony, specially if you have some elderly folks who need to sit down during the ceremony. Cot Cop can be found at 59th Street in the middle of the park, not far from 6th Ave. The structure is located on the top of a small hill, I hope this video can help you get a better idea of what to expect. 


Cop Cot        cop Cot Wedding


Cop Cot Wedding packages nyc

Guest Count: 12

Nearest Park Entrance: 79th St Transverse, New York, NY 10024

About: Shakespeare gardens, created out of reverence for the bard, can be found throughout many locations in both the US and Britain. Of these gardens, one of the most famous is that found in Central Park, where it is located on the West Side of the park and 79th street. The Garden covers four acres of plants that change according to season. It has a beautiful staircase which is perfect for the Bride to make an proper entrance. You can see this in the little video I made with my phone:  


     Shakespear Garden NYC        Shakespeare Garden Central Park


     Central Park Shakespeare Garden       English cottage Central Park


    Shakespear gardens central park wedding