Marriage Proposal in Central Park

Beautiful and heartfelt proposal on a rainy day in August. John was determined to GET IT DONE no matter what. Luckily the rain stopped right around the time they were picked up by their horse & carriage in Columbus Circle. The carriage coach dropped them off by the Bow bridge. As they were crossing the bridge, he stopped, got down in one knew and tried to pop the question. As you can see in he video, she was absolutely clueless. What an amazing surprise when she finally turns around and...


This beautiful couple were only dating for a few months before John decided She was the ONE! I absolutely LOVE to help out with marriage proposals! They are the best!!

Chatting with the boyfriend, soon to be fiance, is the best feeling in the world. It is so beautiful to see people so in love and to connect with those feelings of love and complete devotion they emanate. 

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 After the proposal they went off to seal the moment with fun Engagement Photos:

marriage proposal NYC streets      

NYC Marriage proposal

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