Bridal Bouquets

These are some samples of our Bridal Bouquets. Brides have options when it comes to choosing their wedding bouquets.

Our bridal bouquets are typically round bouquets consisting of a tight bunch of 2 dozen roses cut to uniform in length and style. The flowers are packed in very tightly, and tied by an accenting fabric wrap or wire. This is a very elegant and classic look.

Your bridal flowers are such an important part of your wedding day, so it’s important to pick a type of bouquet that will complement your overall look and your personality.  If you want something different from what is included in your package, please send us a picture of the bouquet of your dreams and we'll do our very best to match "The Feel" of your ideal bouquet.
We can not promise an exact match unless you are willing to pay a premium to have the bouquet specially customized for you. Customized bouquets start at $100 extra. 


       Central Park Wedding                 Bridal bouquet



     Central Park Wedding Packages NYC Bow Bridge


   Bridal bouquet red pink      Bridal Bouquet Wedding Packages NYC

  bridal bouquet wedding packages nyc      wedding bouquet


  Bridal Bouquet blue white roses       MDP 6813


  Bridal Bouquet pink roses       Central Park Wedding NYC


   Bridal Bouquet Red diamonds      bridal bouquet red


    Bridal Bouquet pionies     Bridal Bouquet with pionies

 Wedding bouquet   White roses Bridal bouquet 


Delicate Bridal Bouquet by wedding packages NYC Bridal Bouquet with white pink roses

 Something Blue     Bridal Bouquet blue

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