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Your "Wedding" is a Very special day in your life, and it should be treated as such. So whether you have a large number of people coming with you, or whether it is just the Two of You, this is a moment that you will never forget. And it should be a stress free Celebration. For that reason we bring you the BEST wedding Professionals in New York City to accompany you on your journey, to make certain that nothing is overlooked and that you have all the assistance and the support that you need.

We will provide you with the right person to perform your ceremony in your chosen location. We will even provide you with a witness (if you need one) and a ceremony coordinator.  This Package is available 7 days a week, any time of the day. You choose the day and the time, we'll take care of the rest.  You are still responsible for obtaining your marriage license before your wedding day.  You can start your application online by clicking here: MARRIAGE LICENSE

What’s included:

We will scout and close out the area where you will have your ceremony.

We can have a walk through the day before if you so wish.

  • Wedding Officiant
    Your choice of officiant (male or female)
    Choice of ceremony style (English, Spanish, Bilingual, Religious,Civil)
    Help with your vows
    Handling of all paperwork
    Help obtaining your Marriage License 
  • Park Permit
    All location fees & permits are included
    Pre-wedding arrangements & coordination
  • Wedding Coordinator
    Coordination of permits & vendors
    Help with your license
    Makes sure that your ceremony is as Private as possible
    We try to keep park visitors away from your intimate moment
  • Witness if needed 
    If you don't have anyone coming with you,
    the Coordinator will also be your witness 
  • Closing of the Ceremony Area 
    We will try to keep the public away by placing 
    banners and signs where possible
    Signage will also help your guests find the ceremony spot 

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You can add other services to this package, such as Photographer, Musician, and others.



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