Guest Count: 100

Nearest Park Entrance: 72nd Street and Central Park West

About: Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace is perhaps the most famous, and the most visited place in New York City. Much like Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain seems to be a fixer for wedding photos. Whether you decide to have your ceremony here or not, a visit to the Terrace for your wedding photos seems hard to avoid.

It’s certainly an iconic place in the Park. A lot of couples choose Bethesda Terrace in hopes to go under the arches in case of rain, and that is always a possibility. However, you should know that this venue is always overpopulated and serves as the perpetual residency of every street artist in new York City. Asking those performers to be “Quiet” during your ceremony becomes a challenge. When we do a wedding by the Fountain, we always encourage you to pick one of the 4 corners around the fountain and outside the arches. You can see what I am referring to by watching a video of my own wedding, also conducted at Bethesda terrace. We chose to be by the lake, far from the crowd: